What Was the Price of the “Watcher” House? A Real Estate Analysis

The Story Behind “The Watcher” House

The Watcher house Westfield NJ

Have you ever heard of the “Watcher” house in Westfield, NJ? If not, let me fill you in on the creepy details. In 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased their dream home for $1.3 million dollars. It was an impressive six-bedroom house located on 657 Boulevard. However, the family’s dream of living in the house quickly turned into a nightmare when they began to receive unsettling letters from an anonymous individual known as “The Watcher.”

The letters were not your typical pen pal correspondence. These letters were filled with strange accusations and demands that left the Broaddus family with an uneasy feeling in their new home. According to the letters, “The Watcher” claimed to have been watching the home for generations and considered himself the rightful owner of the property. The letters also described the family in detail, providing an eerie amount of personal information about each of them.

The Broaddus family was initially hesitant to move into the house, knowing that it was targeted by this mysterious “Watcher”. However, they had already invested a lot of money into the property and refused to let fear dictate their decision. Upon moving in, however, they realized that it was difficult to ignore the presence of “The Watcher”. They put up cameras and tried to track the source of the letters but had no luck. “The Watcher” seemed to be an expert at avoiding detection.

Fearful for their lives and the safety of their children, the Broaddus family sued the previous owners, claiming that they were aware of “The Watcher” and failed to disclose the information to them. The lawsuit, however, was ultimately dismissed, and the Broaddus family was left with a haunted house and deep emotional scars.

So, how much was this house truly worth? While it may have been purchased for $1.3 million dollars, its true value now is much less. The Broaddus family never moved in and decided to sell the house. However, due to its spooky reputation and negative association with “The Watcher”, the house sat on the market for years, drastically decreasing the value. The house ultimately sold in 2019 for $959,000, a significant loss for the Broaddus family.

Location and Features of the House

The Watcher House

The house in the movie “The Watcher” is a beautiful home located in the suburban area of Westfield, New Jersey. It is a four-story, Victorian-style house that boasts a lot of features that every homeowner dreams of having in their home. The exterior of the house is painted in white and is accented with black shutters that add depth and dimension to its overall appearance.

With a total floor area of approximately 4,400 square feet, the house is quite spacious and has more than enough room for a small to medium-sized family. From the outside, the house looks like a typical Victorian-style home with a large porch, a gabled roof, and intricate detailing that adds character to its design.

Upon entering the house, you will be greeted by a grand foyer with high ceilings, marble floors, and intricate woodwork that lines the walls and the grand staircase. The entryway is grand and has two staircases, one of which splits off to the right to a lounge area, and the other leading straight to the second floor.

The house has a total of six bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms, all of which are elegantly designed and decorated with antique furnishings, luxurious fabrics, and custom millwork. The huge living room, which is located on the right side of the foyer, has a coffered ceiling, a fireplace, and a grand piano, making it the perfect place to entertain guests or relax with the family.

If you love entertaining at home, the house also has a large dining room that’s just as elegant as the living room. The dining room features an ornate crystal chandelier, hardwood floors, and a fireplace. It’s the perfect place to host a fancy dinner party or a casual get-together with friends and family.

The kitchen in the house is a chef’s dream with its large center island, granite countertops, and high-end stainless steel appliances. There’s also a breakfast nook overlooking the backyard, which is the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee or tea while enjoying the view.

Aside from the main house, there’s also a carriage house that has a guest suite, a garage, and a loft that can be used as a studio or office space. The backyard of the house is equally impressive with its meticulous landscaping, a large patio, and a swimming pool that’s perfect for hot summer days.

Overall, the house in “The Watcher” is an impressive property with a perfect mix of elegant architecture, historic details, and modern amenities. It’s definitely a dream home that anyone would love to call their own.

The Purchase Price of the House

The Watcher house purchase price

If you ever watched the movie The Watcher, you would undoubtedly know about the terrifying experience of the Broaddus family with their newly purchased 6-bedroom house on the 657 Boulevard street in New Jersey. The infamous house had been the subject of discussion for many years and still hasn’t lost its popularity among the horror movie lovers. But what was the purchase price of the house? Was it too high or reasonable enough? Let’s explore this subtopic further.

The Broaddus family purchased the 657 Boulevard house in June 2014 for a whopping sum of $1,355,657, which is a considerable amount of money for a residential property. They’d made a down payment of $655,657 for the said property, which they hoped to make their forever home. However, things didn’t go as planned as they were soon to discover the ominous intentions of someone who called himself “The Watcher”.

The price of the house was justified by its location, which was ideal for a family with young children. The house had six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and enough spaces for recreational activities like a home theatre, a study room, and a fitness centre. Besides, it was located near good schools, shopping malls, and recreational facilities. The architectural design of the house was nothing less than impressive, with a beautiful lawn and backyard, a swimming pool, and a vintage-style interior. All in all, the Broaddus family had a good reason to believe that they’d made a good investment by purchasing the said property at $1,355,657.

However, the purchase price of the house would soon become the least of their worries when they received a threatening letter from an unknown person, who identified himself as “The Watcher”. The letter told the Broaddus family that they were being watched and that the house they had purchased “has been the subject of my family for decades”. The letter writer went on to mention some eerie details about the house’s history and activities that were carried out within it. The letter was the first of many that the Broaddus family received, which made them feel unsafe and eventually pushed them to put the house on the market.

In conclusion, the purchase price of the house that played a significant role in the movie The Watcher was $1,355,657. This amount was justified by the house’s location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and recreational facilities like the backyard and swimming pool. However, the Broaddus family’s decision to purchase the said property would soon turn into a nightmare with the emergence of threatening letters from someone who called himself “The Watcher”. Nowadays, the house remains unsold and vacant, with its haunting history still lingering.

Renovation and Resale of the Property

renovation and resale of the property

One of the most significant plot points in the mystery film, The Watcher, is the mysterious letters that the new owners of the house receive. However, another detail that is important to the story is how much the house was worth. The house in the film is located in Westfield, New Jersey, and was sold for $1.3 million in 2014.

The house, built in 1905, has five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and one-half bathroom. It is a beautiful, spacious house, situated in a peaceful neighborhood with lush greenery. But when the Broaddus family purchased the house, they found that it required significant renovations. The house was in dire need of maintenance and repairs; the roof was leaking, the walls were damp, the floors creaked, and the paint was peeling. In addition, a staircase was unstable, making it unsafe to use.

The Broaddus family bought the house for $1.3 million and spent an additional $100,000 to renovate it. They had no idea that they would never be able to move into the property due to the mysterious letters they received from ‘The Watcher.’ The cost of renovations was high as they wanted to restore the house to its original condition. They also wanted to customize it and make it more comfortable for their family lifestyle.

The renovations had three main objectives: make the house structurally sound, preserve its history, and give it a modern touch. They decided to replace the leaking roof with new slate tiles, fix the floorboards, replace the damaged stairs, and stabilize the foundation. They also repainted the walls and restored the wood paneling that had been covered up. They did not change the location of any room but increased the size of the master bedroom to their liking. They added new lighting fixtures and a sound system throughout the house. They also updated the plumbing and electric system to make it more efficient.

After the renovation, the Broaddus family put their house on the market, as they became too fearful to live there. However, selling the house was not as easy as they thought. Shortly after they listed the house on the market, they received a lawsuit from John and Andrea Woods, former owners of the property, stating that they had received letters from ‘The Watcher,’ and the Broaddus family did not disclose it to them. The Woods did not want to buy back the house, but they wanted compensation for the problems that they had faced.

The Broaddus family did not receive any offers after six months of being on the market, so they dropped the price by $400,000, but still did not receive any serious offers. They eventually had to sell the house for $959,000, resulting in a significant loss. However, it is notable that even if “The Watcher” was not in the picture, the house’s value would have still been affected by the significant drop in housing prices in 2016-2017.

The Watcher captured the attention of people worldwide, and the property on 657 Boulevard in Westfield became infamous. Today, the property is owned by Derek and Maria Broaddus, and they have leased it out to families and businesses. It is still a beautiful historic house, and many people still visit the house to see it for themselves. It attracts people with an interest in history and has become a landmark in the town.

Celebrity Interest and Publicity of the Property

Celebrity Interest and Publicity of the Property

The Watcher House has recently gained widespread attention from the media and celebrity figures. The property is notable for its rich history and eerie past, which adds to its appeal to both the curious and the thrill-seekers. This is why it was no surprise when news broke out about it being sold for an extraordinary amount of money.

The previous owners of the property, Derek and Maria Broaddus, had bought the house for 1.3 million dollars in June 2014. However, they were forced to sell it just three years later in 2017 for a lesser amount due to the infamous letters they received from “The Watcher.”

The public was quick to catch wind of the property and the strange events surrounding it. The attention has only increased with recent news of the sale of the house in 2021. The Watcher House has now become a popular tourist attraction and a must-visit spot for anyone curious about the supernatural.

The media has also played a significant role in driving up the interest in the property. Several news outlets, such as The New York Times, have covered the strange events surrounding the house. Several TV shows, such as “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” have also dedicated episodes to The Watcher House, taking advantage of the property’s notoriety to attract a larger audience.

Celebrities have also shown a keen interest in the property. Singer, songwriter, and actor Jamie Foxx had expressed his desire to buy the house after watching one of the TV shows that featured The Watcher House. However, it was ultimately sold to an unidentified buyer in 2021, which, as of yet, remains a mystery.

The identity of the buyer has, in turn, sparked even more curiosity and speculation. Many believe that the new owners could be a celebrity, given the history of the property and the level of publicity it has generated.

The Watcher House has become a cultural phenomenon and has captured the fascination of people worldwide. Its history and reputation have made it a popular topic of conversation, attracting the attention of the media, celebrity figures, and the general public.

It’s not often that a property can generate as much interest and curiosity as The Watcher House has. Its unusual past and mysterious present make it a unique property that will continue to fascinate and intrigue people for years to come.